Monday, June 16, 2008


A very happy Bloomsday to all!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Some Unknown Team Won the Copa do Brasil

Let's see, in the semifinals we had Corinthians, Botafogo, Vasco, and some other team. Neither of the three won, so some other team that Globo didn't want to mention won the Copa do Brasil Wednesday night.

I was there, and I still can't believe it. I spent two hours in front of the stadium drinking beer and watching the party, trying to convince myself that it had really happened. I had a strong feeling that I was fooling myself, that I was going to wake up Thursday morning to see that Corinthians had won the Copa do Brasil, but I kept looking at all the people dancing and singing in the street and I couldn't quite believe that they were all fooling themselves, too.

It was like carnaval on the streets after the game, and yesterday everywhere I went people were wearing Sport jerseys -- just like I was. I wore mine to work, in several offices (professional attire is for those whose team did not win the Copa do Brasil the night before) where the employees who couldn't wear soccer jerseys were dressed in red shirts and black pants. Santa Cruz and Náutico supporters (people who tend to hate Sport more than they love their own teams) claim that it was more a victory for Pernambuco than for Sport. (They are wrong, of course, but this is a significant victory for Pernambuco for reasons that will be discussed in a future post.)

I keep watching the goals again and again. I was there. I remember watching them happen, but neither the memories nor the videos on my monitor seem real. Sport will play in the Copa Libertadores next year. Sport will finally be able to sign a decent center-forward. In a few days all of this will sink in, but for now I'm still a few feet off the ground. Just like all the people who are still setting off fireworks and honking "cazá cazá!" This too shall pass. I'll be back to normal in a few days, just like the rest of the city, but I'm going to enjoy the celebration while it lasts.

I leave you with a pearl of wisdom from Carlinhos Bala: "The hand that applauds is the same one that boos."