Monday, May 05, 2008

Sport, Champion of Pernambuco (Again)

Two weeks ago Sport won the Campeonato Pernambucano for the third straight year. Last year there wasn't much of a party (the dirty job of staying afloat during the team's first year back in the Sèrie A was on everyone's mind), but this year the fans decided to celebrate. Newspapers report that around 12,000 people went to the Avenida Boa Viagem (the street in front of the beach) on Sunday for the parade -- called a carreata in Portuguese.

This is one of the two trucks rented by the Bafo do Leão (The Lion's Bad Breath -- sounds better in Portuguese, doesn't it? And think about it, if you're close enough to the lion to smell its breath, what is going to happen to you next?) Every team in Brazil has an animal associated with it. Sport's animal is the lion, Cruzeiro's is the fox, Vasco da Gama's is the cod, and so on. I watch Sport from the Bafo's section of the stands, I travel to away games with the Bafo, and when the Bafo's second truck passed, I hopped on and partied with the Bafo do Leão. More about them later.

The truck in the photo above is known as a trio elétrico -- there's a stage on top and the speakers line the sides of the truck. This particular trio had Excesso de Bagagem playing with the singer from Marreta You Planeta (apparently that was cheaper than hiring the entire, and more popular, Excesso de Bagagem, but still had more status than hiring the extremely small-time Marreta You Planeta).

The photo above is of the singer of Marreta You Planeta. For someone who is theoretically (and probably very definitely, in his own mind) a celebrity, this guy was really anxious for me to take his photo. This was the third pose he did for me after he saw me with my camera out. My camera didn't focus quickly enough to catch the first two poses (and my amusement at his excitement to have his picture taken didn't help my concentration). He has nothing to do with the parts of the parade that I really want to show, but he was so enthusiastic about the photos that I feel I owe it to him.

Ronaldo is the titular president of the Bafo, but his wife Fabiana appears to be an equal partner in the presidency. She is also smokin' hot, but it would have been poor taste to have taken a photo of a married woman's body.

This photo gives a good idea of what the carreata looked like. The fence on the left side is because the city is repaving the sidewalk and creating a new bicycle lane. People run along side, and behind, the trios dancing to the music. Many of these people want all the way to the Ilha do Retiro, Sport's stadium, which is pretty far from the beach.

There was an exhibition game after the carreatea. Admission was R$10 and I feel like a sucker for having paid and watched a crappy reserve game, but it was a nice end to an enjoyable day. The photo above is the Bafo contingent that entered the stadium.


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